Our team is pleased to have you on one of our programmes at the Developers Institute. This Handbook applies to all students enrolled on a programme at the Developers Institute. It contains important information pertaining to your study. Some programmes will have additional expectations that will be made clear to you during the enrolment process. This handbook outlines the key requirements and expectations of students, as well as ensures that you have information about your rights and health & safety while participating in study with us. All of us who work at Developers Institute have your best interests at heart and our collective skills and knowledge are at your disposal. Please do not hesitate to ask if there is any way in which we can help. Your first point of call will be your Instructor, however, we have an open-door policy to ensure that you get your needs met.
Signed - Academic Director


At Developers Institute, we aim to use education and technology to transform people's lives.
We created Developers Institute for those who have a keen interest in technology, are looking for a legitimate pathway to landing a job, and need a learning environment that will genuinely prepare them for the working world.
Developers Institute is software development education delivered by real developers. We're passionate about creating a world where more people work in technology and reach their earning potential. Our founding team saw that education wasn't enough, so we set about creating a true pathway to employment.


Our vision is to provide accessible, affordable and transformative vocational education, which leads to meaningful employment to build a more equitable society. We believe our purpose is to help people to realise and reach their full potential through education, training, jobs and encouraging growth in the technology sector in Northland.
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